Castles & Country Houses

  • Borris House

    Borris House, primary seat of the McMorrough Kavanaghs, Kings of Leinster since the 1500’s, is steeped in Irish history. The tour covers all aspects of the history of the house, from the original 15th century castle, right up to the present day. The tour also takes in the rich history of the Kings of Leinster […]

  • Duckett’s Grove

    Duckett’s Grove, the 18th, 19th and early 20th century home of the Duckett family, was formerly at the centre of a 12,000 acre (4,856 hectares) estate that has dominated the Carlow landscape for over 300 years. Even in ruin, the surviving towers and turrets of Duckett’s Grove form a romantic profile making it one of […]

  • Huntington Castle & Gardens

    Huntington Castle, also known as Clonegal Castle, is a castle in Clonegal, County Carlow, Ireland. It has been plagued by ghosts of Druids in the fields and even in the castle. The structure was originally a “plantation castle” used for defensive purposes during the plantation of the area in the early 17th century. The Esmonde family, laid […]